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DON'T Leave My Child Alone: Secretary Rumsfeld Issues Inspiring "Back to School" Challenge to America's Elementary School Crusaders-in-Training from the spoofed website 

Mothers Against the Draft

No Child Left Behind Opt-Out Form

Most parents are unaware that a federal law called the No Child Left Behind Act contains a provision that requires schools who receive public funding to violate family privacy by handing over personal information about students including names, home addresses and phone numbers to local military recruiters.

The good news is that students over the age of 18 or parents of minors may remove their children from this list by submitting a request in writing to their school administrator.

JAMR Recruiting Database Opt-Out Form

The Pentagon's new database, known as the Joint Advertising and Market Research Recruiting Database, contains extensive information on 30 million young Americans between the ages of 16 to 25. The JAMR's database is updated daily with new records and includes such information as social security number, ethnicity, grade point average, areas of study, height, weight, postal and email address, selective service registration, and phone number.

The very existence of the database is an unlawful and unwarranted violation of the privacy rights of our children. It’s also a clear warning to every mother in America that the Department of Defense, desperate to fill boots on the ground in Iraq, is more than willing to circumvent the law to ensure that no child is left un-recruited.

Any student 18 or older can elect to have their name and contact information removed from the Joint Advertising and Marketing Research Database that is being compile by the Department of Defense. Parents may sign the JAMR database opt-out form for their minor children.

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