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Trial Updates

Rachel Corrie’s Case For Justice by Tom Wright and Therese Saliba

Westerners Killed to Suppress Palestinian Perspectives?

“My Name Is Rachel Corrie” opens in Haifa An Arabic-language production of My Name is Rachel Corrie, a play based on the writings of a young American woman killed by an Israeli bulldozer, premiered in Haifa, Israel on Sunday.

Talking with Rachel Corrie’s Mom and Dad The Tyee article February 11, 2008

Rachel’s Words www.rachelswords.org

March 15, 2007 My Name is Rachel Corrie @ Seattle Repertory Theatre

  • Rachel’s story needs to be told, now Robert Jamieson, Jr.  March 16 Seattle PI
  • Rachel Corrie Special Edition by End the Occupation
  • Rachel Corrie: Invisible no more Seattle Post Intelligencer Editorial Board 3/13/06
  •  A Scandal for Our Time:Rachel Corrie Ignites Uproar By: John Heilpern From the New York Observer:
  • The Second Death of Rachel Corrie by Vanessa Redgrave
  • Activism Call: Why are people afraid of Rachel Corrie’s words? Rachel’s mother Cindy wonders, “Why are people so afraid of Rachel’s words?” We ask the same question and are determined to give people the opportunity to hear those words.
  • Surely Americans will not put up with this censorship The decision by a New York theatre to cave in to pressure over our play shows how the scope for free debate has narrowed.
  • My Name Is Rachel Corrie was the biggest straight play winner in this years Theatregoers Choice Awards, triumphing in three categories: Best New Play, Best Solo Performance and Best Director (See News, 31 Jan 2006). Alan Rickman, Megan Dodds and Katharine Viner – the trio behind Rachel Corrie – reunited at the Royal Court, where the play premiered in April 2005, to collect their trophies. New!
  • Docket: Family of American Woman Killed by Military Bulldozer Files Suit Against Caterpillar, Inc. Center for Constitutional Rights.
  • Rafah House, Which American Activist Corrie Was Killed Defending, To Be Rebuilt Nasrallah’s house will be the first to be rebuilt in Rachel Corrie’s Rebuilding Campaign in Gaza sponsored by the American organization “the Rebuilding Alliance.”
  • The first house to be rebuilt after such destruction always gets a lot of attention. It is the initial steps in such issues that are very important and pave way for others. If this is successful, the people behind it get the confidence that their efforts are after all paying off. When you invest with HBSwiss for the first time, you eagerly await the first quarter results. Once it is positive, you are more relaxed.
  • Sonia Nettnin Reviews A Rachel Corrie Doco – The late Rachel Corrie (1979 2003) was articulate, straightforward and resolute. Her castigation of Israels military occupation of the Palestinian people and the Israeli Governments disregard for the safety of Israelis and Palestinians rang with clarity. Through peace activism she ascertained the facts on the ground. She called it as she saw it. See… Film Rev.: Rachel Corrie – An American Conscience
  • Rachel Was Bulldozed to Death, But Her Words Are a Spur to Action It is disturbing to see our daughter played on stage, but it drives home the impact she has had since her killing in Gaza by Cindy and Craig Corrie. Common Dreams, October 10, 2005.
  • Rachel Corrie: Answers needed Seattlepi.com Monday, August 15, 2005  Hurndall’s shooter, ex-sergeant Taysir Hayb, is now the first Israeli soldier to be convicted of manslaughter since the start of the intifada five years ago. He received an eight-year sentence last week…The frustrating experiences of Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a dead U.S. soldier, in seeking a meeting with President Bush illustrate the difficulties of getting leaders’ attention to individual deaths. But if British leaders can devote high-level interest to the loss of one of their citizens in Israel, the Bush administration can take more interest in Rachel Corrie’s tragic death.s”
  • Tour keeps womans efforts going Even though his daughter wasnt there, Craig Corrie spent his Fathers Day honoring her memory by helping a family from the other side of the world. The News Tribune, Tacoma WA 6/20/05 Mirrored here
  • Fallen activist’s father raises funds to rebuild Palestinian homes On Father’s Day, Craig Corrie sought justice for his daughter. Seattle PI, 6/20/05 Mirrored here
  • Corries, Palestinians close to daughter team for fund-raiser The Olympian 6/19/05 Mirrored here
  • “Rachel Has Always Been With Us In Rafah”  KOMO TV 6/17/05 Also Mirrored here
  • Parents of woman killed by Israeli bulldozer tour nation to raise money to rebuild Palestinian homes AP Rachel LaCorte 6/16/05 Mirrored here
  • The Rebuilding Alliance  Please Help Rebuild the Nasrallah Family’s Home, that Rachel Sought to Safeguard. 
  • Rickmans Rachel Corrie Moves Downstairs in Oct Alan Rickmans critically acclaimed premiere production of My Name Is Rachel Corrie, which has just completed a sell-out season in the 80-seat Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upstairs (See News, 8 Dec 2004), will return to the theatre this autumn, this time to the larger, 395-seat Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, where it will have a limited season from 11 to 29 October 2005.
  • New London Play Fetes U.S. Activist Killed in Gaza “We were just trying to show who she was and present her fairly, neither as a saint nor a traitor,” Katharine Viner, a journalist at the Guardian newspaper who edited Corrie’s writings with Rickman, told Reuters this week.
  • Marla Razicka, Rachel Corrie, and Revolution of Heart by Elisa Salasin in Common Dreams
  • Activist groups and Corrie family call for International Day of Action against Caterpillar on April 13 candio., The Electronic Intifada, 11 April 2005
  • ‘Let me fight my monsters’  My Name Is Rachel Corrie is at the Royal Court, Sloane Square, London SW1 until April 30. We’ve tried to do justice to the whole of Rachel: neither saint nor traitor, both serious and funny, messy and talented, devastatingly prescient and human and whole. Or, in her own words, “scattered and deviant and too loud”. We chose Rachel’s words rather than those of the thousands of Palestinian or Israeli victims because of the quality and accessibility of the writing: as Rickman says, “The activist part of her life is absolutely matched by the imaginative part of her life. I’ve no doubt at all that had she lived there would have been novels and plays pouring out of her.” The tragedy is that we’ll hear no more from Rachel Corrie. April 7, 2005 – April 30, 2005 “My Name Is Rachel” Play in London’s Royal Court Theatre.
  • Read Wes Hamilton’s review of “My Name is Rachel Corrie.” Wes Hamilton and Judy Linehan (Olympia WA) attended the play with the Corries in London. Links to reviews in The Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/arts/reviews/story/0,,1459252,00.html and http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/4455549.stm 
  • Mother of shot activist accuses Israeli army of cover-up Jocelyn Hurndall criticized the army’s handling of the court martial of Sergeant Wahid Taysir, 20, who is charged with manslaughter and conduct unbecoming a soldier after he shot Tom Hurndall in the head as he shepherded children to safety from gunfire in Rafah refugee camp two years ago.
  • Kansas City Groups Join Day of Action Against Caterpillar
  • Caterpillar Release Still Seeking Justice for Rachel Corrie:  The Corrie Family Lawsuits Against the State of Israel and Caterpillar, Inc. -information provided by John Harvey.
  • Caterpillar Targeted by Human Rights Activists
    The multi-billion dollar U-S construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, Incorporated, will be targeted for rallies by human rights activists worldwide for the company’s continued sales to the Israeli military, which uses the tractors to tear down Palestinian homes and farms, and to build its so called “Defensive Wall.” K-BOO’s Eduardo DeLanderos-Tierre has more on the story. (Runs 4:53)
  • Irish Limerick City might soon become world’s first Caterpillar Free Zone
  • Sign the Declaration Against Caterpillar Human Rights Abuses http://www.catdestroyshomes.org/article.php?id=242
  • Sue Israel, not the bulldozer maker  Robert L. Jamieson Jr. Seattle PI. “The real terrorist in Rachel’s death was the member of the Israel Defense Forces who was at the controls of the earthmover. He and the Israeli government should be held responsible for using bulldozers as killing machines.”  See Cindy Corrie’s response to Robert Jamieson  here Professor Ron Syle’s Legal Response here.Human rights dynamo backs Corries’ suit against Caterpillar by Robert Jamieson.
  • Caterpillar: Making a Killing in Palestine? But ultimately corporate complicity in the sort of grave human rights violations witnessed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories will only halt when corporate behaviour is regulated, not by voluntary Codes of Conduct written by over-paid PR consultants, but by an international system of laws, accountable to people.
  • Caterpillar distributor is asked to join protest against sales to Israel 3/25/05 Jake Ellison, Seattle PI
  • Activist’s Parents Sue Caterpillar Inc. By Henry Weinstein and Laura King, LA Times Staff Writers
  • In the Spirit of Rachel Corrie Confronting Caterpillar in San Leandro By Ben Terrall in Counterpunch.org
  • Corrie family seeks answers at hearing 3/18/05 The Olympian.  Mirrored here
  • Remembering Oscar Romero and Rachel Corrie Mark Chmiel
  • We Won’t Forget Rachel Corrie Alison Weir in Counterpunch.org
  • Today on Flashpoints:  Listen D’load   (thanks to KPFA.org) We spend the entire show in the Gaza Strip, with senior producer Nora Barrows Friedman and Pacifica team. Nora takes us to burned upneighborhoods and the devastating Rafah refugee camp. Well also visit the site were Rachel Corrie was executed two years ago by a US made Israeli Bulldozer. And of course The Knight Report. 3/14/05
  • 250 Israeli high school students refuse occupation duty 
  • New Scandal: Israeli Forces Used Orders to Demolish Two Houses in Rafah to Demolish 25
  • Amnesty International Urges Rice to Support Independent Investigation Washington, DC) — Observing the two-year anniversary of the killing of Rachel Corrie on March 16, 2003, Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) today called on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to support an independent investigation of her death.
  • Remembering Rachel Corrie: Justice Still Not Served Elizabeth Corrie. “As we approach March 16, residents and citizens of the United States should ask themselves how it is that an unarmed United States citizen can be killed with impunity by a soldier from an allied nation receiving massive United States aid, using a product manufactured in the United States by a United States corporation and paid for with United States tax dollars. When three Americans were killed, presumably by Palestinians, in an explosion on October 15, 2003 as they traveled through Gaza, the FBI arrived within 24 hours to investigate the deaths. After one year, neither the FBI, nor any other US-led team has done anything to investigate the death of an American, knowingly killed by an Israeli.”
  • Family of US Activist Sues Israel Over Death-Report Reuters 3/15/05 JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The family of Rachel Corrie, a U.S. activist killed in Gaza while trying to stop an Israeli army bulldozer from destroying a Palestinian home, filed suit in Israel on Tuesday for damages, an Israeli news Web Site said.
  • Kin of Slain Protester Suing Caterpillar The federal lawsuit, which lawyers said would be filed here [Seattle]  Tuesday, alleges that Caterpillar violated international and state law by providing specially designed bulldozers to Israeli Defense Forces that it knew would be used to demolish homes and endanger people.
  • Rachel, Full of Life by Brooks Berndt
  • Remembering Rachel Corrie :An Evening Of Music, Poetry And Activism Berkeley CA
  • “My Name Is Rachel Corrie” Play in London at the Royal Court Theatre April 7-30
  • Craig and Cindy Corrie Video Interview on Every Church a Peace Church
  • Sanctions Against the Israeli Occupation: Its Time  By The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) 1/27/05
  • Giving peace a real chance Joe Carr, TESC graduate & friend of Rachel
  • Wednesday, April 13, 2005 — International Day of Action Against Caterpillar
  • Israeli soldier jailed over British student’s death
  • Connecticut for the Corrie Resolution devoted to passing HCR 1111
  • An Initiative from The Palestine Solidarity Committee: PSC Response Network 
  • U.S. Rep. Adam Smith will hand-deliver a letter to Israels Prime Minister News Tribune, 1/08/05
  • Smoke rises in Gaza – A Palestinian student witnesses Israels days of penitence Mohammed Omer lives in Rafah, working as a guide and translator for delegations and foreign journalists while posting photos to his website, www.rafahtoday.org. He wrote this report from the Jabalya refugee camp.
  • Israel: soldier admits he knew slain peace activist Hurndall was unarmed  Brian Smith 12/23/04
  • Listen to the interview with Mohamed Omar, Rafah   View Mohamed Omar’s website Rafah Today
  • Israeli helicopter fired a missile at a workshop in the Rafah camp December 17 BBC News
  • Israel: Caterpillar Should Suspend Bulldozer Sales A Human Rights Watch report released last month, “Razing Rafah,” documented the Israel Defense Force’s (IDF) systematic use of the D9 bulldozer in illegal. Jewish Voice for Peace, the largest grassroots Jewish peace group in the United States, announced today that it had resubmitted the resolution for the 2005 shareholders meeting.
  • A Haitian-American Meets Rachel for the First Time 
  • Rachel Corrie – Erster Jahrestag Ihrer Ermordung (German) English version
  • Eine Seite fr Rachel Corrie Memorial website for Rachel (German)
  • Rachel Corrie Website (Arabic) Islam Online.net
  • Tree Planted at My Lai Peace Park to Honor Rachel This tree planting was an international effort with people from Viet Nam, Japan, Thailand and the U.S. participating. We all felt that planting a green, living monument to peace was an appropriate memorial to Rachel who gave her life to bring peace to the world.
  • IDF bulldozers, tanks demolish houses in Rafah camp (Ha’aretz) American bulldozers continue their work against peace.
  • Presbyterians divest themselves from Israel By Nathan Guttman, Haaretz.com July 28, 2004.
  • Interview with The Reverend Victor Makarim, the Presbyterian liaison to the Middle East, on the recent decision by the Presbyteria Church to divest from Israel:
  • Rafah Today [ed. note: the story and pictures are heart-breaking]
  • Bringing Hope: An Interview with Cindy and Craig Corrie Part 1 by New Spark Media and Arts Collective 7/18/04
  • Neal Ahern’s Sojourn in Palestine inspired by Rachel Corrie – Cape Cod Times, July 5, 2004
  • Interview with Dr. Mona El-Farra
  • UN to Caterpillar: Stop selling bulldozers to Israel GENEVA – A U.S.-based company has been warned by a United Nations expert not to sell bulldozers to Israel because of the way the Israeli army is using them.
  • “Outrage in Olympia as Sister City is Attacked”
  • To Members of the Washington State Congressional Delegation – suggested letter by the Corries
  • Rachel Corrie from Wikipedia
  • WordiQ – Rachel Corrie
  • Rabbis For Human Rights’ Rabbi Arik Ascherman Visits Seattle May 19th
  • rachelcorrie.org monthly walk for International Peace and Solidarity Panama City, Republic of Panama   May 16, 2004. Initiated by Mexican-North American-Panamanian josefponce on May 16 of 2003 after hearing on March 16 of 2003 on s/w radio broadcast the death
  • ‘The Skies Are Weeping,’ a cantata by Philip Munger
  • Letter sent Caterpillar by the Corries April 13, 2004
  • International Day of Action Against Caterpillar 
  • Israeli Refusenik Writes About Rachel Corrie March 25 2004
  • Remembering Rachel – Lasse Schmidt
  • Fida from Rafah Remembers Rachel – in French and English
  • House Resolution 1550 The General Assembly of the Georgia honors the life of Rachel
  • Rachel: One Year Later– Carrie Lybecker has assembled related articles for the anniversary of her death and stored them on the OMJP Web site.
  • One Year Later: “Rachel, my mother” 12 Year old Yasmine Abu Libdeh writing from Rafah, occupied Gaza, Live from Palestine, 16 March 2004
  • One Year Later: No one sees and no one hears Dr. Samir Nassrallah writing from Rafah, occupied Gaza (22 March 2004)
  • Rafah’s remembers Rachel’s kindness Mohammed Qeshta (16 March 2004)
  • Rachel Corrie’s Critics Fire Blanks Steve Niva (16 March 2004)
  • In Memory of Rachel Corrie – Mohammed, Rafah
  • Rachel and Ruth – Gila Svirsky from Israel reflects on Rachel Corrie and the Biblical Ruth
  • Rachel Corrie Memorial Day Die-In at Erez Crossing Photos
  • Neal Ahern in Israel on Observing Rachel’s Anniversary at Erez Checkpoint
  • Vigil marks anniversary of Corrie death in Gaza Strip
  • Message from Craig and Cindy Corrie for March 16
  • March 16 National Day of Action for Rachel Corrie
  • International Events – Partial List
  • The Strength of Peace: Remembering Rachel Corrie a production of KAOS 89.3FM .mp3 audio recorded on 3/12/2004
  • Palestinians, Internationals, and Israelis
  • Seattle Remembers Rachel Corrie
  • Olympia Remembers Rachel
  • Price of an Orange -for Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall by Starhawk in Gaza
  • Rachel Corrie fought for world she believed in Molly McClain, Seattle PI, March 16

Stop Cat Coalition Day of Action: April 23, 2004 Peoria IL

The Mission District in San Francisco has a new mural featuring Rachel. See article.

U.S. State Department mentions Rachel in a report condemning Israel and Palestine on human rights.

Seeking Answers from Israel – Cynthia Corrie

One Year Later, Justice Still Not Served: Remembering the Death of Rachel Corrie by Elizabeth Corrie

The 2003 COHRE Housing Rights Defender Award The Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) announced the presentation of the Housing Rights Defender Award in Rachel’s memory. The award presentation to our family will be Monday, February 16, 6-8 PM, at the Evergreen State College.–Cindy Corrie

  • Dr. Samir’s House Destroyed by IOF 
  • House Destroyed in Rafah once Protected by Rachel
  • BBC documentary proves Israeli army murdered Rachel Corrie The BBC film, When Killing is Easy was produced by John Sweeney. Archived story here.
  • “Rachel Corrie” Mike Stout, has written a song in tributeto the conviction and courage ofRachel Corrie. Paul Carosi, Station Manager of Radio Free Pittsburgh and Radio Free Tunes, writes: I’m going to promote the “Rachel Corrie” song on other internet music sites in hopes that it will raise awareness about herbelief in peace and humanity, along with her unjust death. Maybe we can make the world aware of the bulldozing of homes that she tried to stop.
  • Standing Tall – The parents of slain West Bank activist Rachel Corrie keep her spirit alive Hartford Advocate Nov 29, 2003
  • International Day of Solidarity With Palestine Webcast from November 29, 2003 International Day of Solidarity With Palestine event in Vancouver, with parents of Rachel Corrie.
  • Olympia conference remembers Rachel Corrie and Rafah – Candio, The Electronic Intifada, 7 November 2003
  • Rachel Corrie Award For Courage In The Teaching Of Writing
  • Michael Moore dedicates book to Rachel 11/16/03 Booknotes.org interview
  • Clarence Jordan Humanitarian Award at Koinonia Farms Rachel honored posthumously in Americus, GA
  • Rachel Corrie comes home to all of us Sissy Bowen, News Editor for the Americus Times-Recorder 11/16/03
  • ISU-Caterpillar tie protested Rachel Corries’ Aunt living in Iowa City, Iowa provided this news story.
  • Protesters at Iowa State U. criticize company’s sale of equipment to Israel Cheryl Brodersen, aunt of Rachel Corrie
  • Silencing Rachel Corrie speech given by Elizabeth Corrie, Rachel Corrie’s cousin, at a forum in Atlanta held on September 22.
  • “She Wanted to Do Right” Patrick O’Neill, Independent Weekly 12/03/03
  • Min Rachel, en av alla ddade – Stefan Villkatt in Aftpmbladet 9/29/2003. Article in Swedish
  • Silenced Witnesses Independent UK article on the non-response of Israel
  • Film on Corrie in the Works 10/23/03 The Olympian
  • Families seek truth over Israeli deaths Families seek truth over Israeli deaths Guardian UK 10/20/2003
  • Cindy and Craig Corrie Speak in Olympia concerning the home demolition in Rafah and their recent trip there. 10/14/03 .mp3 recorded at Percival Landing by Jesse Foster.
  • The Death of a Town The Guardian 10/27/03
  • Standing with a city under siege. Rally protests attack on village where Olympia activist died. 10/14/03 [Archived]
  • The Meaning of Rachel Corrie …Of Dignity and Solidarity – by Edward Said
  • Corries in Israel to press for probe into daughter’s death Sep30, 2003 The Olympian
  • Parents of Rachel Corrie in Palestine / IsraelPress Release Sep 29, 2003
  • Press Conference Transcript
  • Cindy Corrie, mother of American International Solidarity Movement activist Rachel Corrie, pauses at the end of a news conference in Gaza City Thursday Sept. 18, 2003. Rachel Corrie was killed when an Israeli Army bulldozer crushed her during an operation in March of this year. (AP Photo/Kevin Frayer)
  • Rachel Corrie Banner Project also click here [See section below]
  • From the Corrie family to Rafah – On the 40 day memorial of Rachel’s death
  • Rachel’s 24th Birthday Party!
  • Tribute to Rachel Corrie Friday 4/25 in Portland OR
  • Investigate the Tragic Death of Rachel Corrie at the Hands of the Israeli Army Petition to President Bush and Secretary of State Powell
  • Campaign to Help Bring Justice
  • What Can You Do To Help
  • US lone vote against human rights resolution on the occupied Arab territories see also UN Press Release
  • Arden Buck’s article [ed. Don’t get discouraged in seeking justice for Rachel and others. Read to get re-energized.]
  • Israeli report clears troops over US death 4/14/03
  • ISM Rejects Israeli Investigation into Death of US Peace Activist

Rachel Corrie, 23, was killed on 16 March when she was run over by an Israeli bulldozer #949-623. Rachel was trying to stop the bulldozer from demolishing the home of a Palestinian physician in the Gaza Strip.

News Accounts

Craig and Cynthia Corrie

Statement Read at Peace Rallies This speech was written by the family of Rachel Corrie and read on Saturday, April 12, 2003 at numerous peace rallies around the world.

“The Skies are Weeping” is the cantata inspired by Rachel-and includes some of her words. “The Singer of Wind and Rain” is five Palestinian poems set for mixed choir and composed by Gregory Youtz whose father Byron (now deceased) taught at Evergreen. Concert patrons include Noam Chomsky, Harold Pinter, Ilan Pappe, John Pilger, Avi Shlaim, Susannah York, Julie Christie, and Uri Fruchtman. For more information go to

http://weepingskies.blogspot.com/ Craig, Sarah, Kelly, and I will be at the premiere in London.


Rachel Corrie Banner Events

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Rachel’s E-Mails

  • Rachel’s war The Guardian UK 3/18/03
  • Rachel’s war (additional emails) The Guardian UK 3/18/03
  • Statement from Rachel’s parents and her last email to them


Continuing Reports from Rafah

Rafah Lives: A Journal of Resistance in Daily Life – ISM

Links to ‘Rachel Websites’

  • Rachel Corrie Memorial Website
  • Eine Seite fr Rachel Corrie in German
  • La Guerra di Rachel in Italian
  • Rachel Corrie – by W. Dire Wolff<
  • Rachel-Corrie.com
  • Peace Heroes
  • Rachel Corrie Report
  • In Memoriam Rachel Corrie in French

Music Inspired by Rachel


Rebuilding Hope a film by Tamer Mansour

Helpful Books chosen by the Corries

Background on Palestine

Support Sanity Rachel’s cousin suggested this link. Cindy Corrie was wearing one of the lapel pins and many people were interested in knowing where she got it.



Veterans For Peace – Rachel Corrie Chapter 109 

The lopsided American foreign policy may seem to be in Israels interest, but it actually works to the detriment of the Israeli people.  Continued militarization of Israeli society increases the exposure of Israeli women and children to violence in their daily lives, and has helped lead the country to economic crisis.  At the same time, this unbalanced US foreign policy has devastated the Palestinians.  Americans of conscience must work to balance that policy in favor of a peaceful solution.  It is not discriminatory that Americans working for a just peace focus their attention on Israels occupation and take concrete steps to end it, like divesting from companies profiting from Israels occupation. — Jewish Voice for Peace, Dec 9, 2004

Where is the world? Is it dead? exclaimed the bereaved mother in Rafah on Al-Jazeera. Before her, lied the lifeless body of her little child. from Why Boycott Israel

Cards and condolences to the family can be mailed to:

Rachel Corrie and Family
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An email is available for condolences: rachelsmessage@the-corries.com

Monetary donations and such can go to:

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Videotapes of the three-hour memorial service held recently at Evergreen are being sold for $10.00, with $5 going to a charitable memorial fund in Rachel’s memory. http://www.evergreen.edu/media/live/