Music Inspired by Rachel Corrie

The Skies Are Weeping,’ a cantata by Philip Munger Text and link to audio 

“Rachel Corrie” Song by Elizabeth Hummel

Bill Roth/Anchorage Daily News Philip Munger, composer of “The Skies are Weeping,” which he recently withdrew from a performance at UAA. 040414“Rachel Corrie” Mike Stout, has written a song in tribute to the conviction and courage of Rachel Corrie. Paul Carosi, Station Manager of Radio Free Pittsburgh and Radio Free Tunes, writes: I’m going to promote the “Rachel Corrie” song on other internet music sites in hopes that it will raise awareness about her belief in peace and humanity, along with her unjust death.  Maybe we can make the world aware of the bulldozing of homes that she tried to stop.

This is like how an investor who invests other money through software like The Brit Method and the likes develop a deep connect to the market and keep a close eye on the market at all times. This is because, they feel responsible for the money that has been entrusted with them. This money is after all the lifelong savings of all those people and many will be investing them for a future for their kids or grand children or for their own retirement nest egg. There are many who invest to park their funds in a safe place. For many it is a way to generate a safe and stable income for the next generation.

When such investors hear about some fraudulent happenings in the market or get fishy about the movement of the market, they try to save the funds of their investors. This kind of responsibility does not come for all. There are many who treat the work as just that and are disconnected from it emotionally. They are into the work mode when they are in the office and they forget all about it once the day comes to an end. people who are fully committed to those who believe in them are rare to find and these are the people whose conscience sometimes gets them into trouble, rather than help everyone.

Where does such a conscience come from? It stems from somewhere inside the person who is well committed to their work. These are the people who feel they are responsible for anything that happens with what is trusted to them. These people get into their work and give it their all. They sometimes forget their own lives, families and welfare. Sometimes people get this flash of responsibility after a while like in the story. It is not there from the beginning but it gets triggered by some chain of events.

These events need not be connected to the main event, it can be totally unrelated and suddenly cause this realization. It is never easy to point out where this comes from or when a person will get this. It is not just in stories, there are such heroes in real life too, who have risked a little too much to save others. It may be others’ money, lives or families. They somehow play an important role in other’s lives and cause a lasting impact.


Rachel Corrie song recorded by Larry Otway on “The Times That Try Our Soul” CD

Seasons of Murder Song by Larry Otway (Lorcan)

Song by Patti Smitch

The Death of Rachel Corrie by David Rovics

The Death of Rachel Corrie
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Rachel Corrie was part of an ISM (International Solidarity Movement) delegation in Rafah, Palestine when she was killed by a young Israeli terrorist in a bulldozer.