Letter To Congressman Adam

Dear Mr. Adam,


This is a letter from one of the many people who have been impacted by the gruesome death of the beautiful and vibrant Rachel. She has touched one too many lives in her protests and fight against the injustice done to the people of Palestine.

When we heard about her death, we were all shattered. We didn’t know how to respond. We were just speechless. It was just painful to learn the news of her being bulldozed to death like that.

At this point, we thought you should know who Rachel really was and what she really meant to all of us.

She was not just a person who fought for the justice of the people she didn’t know. She fought for their well being with a fierce passion. She was always seen to be doing some research or the other, trying to gather more information and tips as to how she could help the situation. there was never a minute when she stopped fighting for or thinking of these people.

When she went to visit them, she was always welcomed with wide open arms and hearts, for those people knew what she was fighting against and knew how hopeless it was. They have in fact tried and fought the same battle, but probably in a smaller scale.

There are just so many people who knew her and were impacted by her. There are so many people mourning her loss. Sometimes I think her death has more mourners than the number of people who mourned the loss of their homes. Probably they came to love her like she loved them. A love that was caused by humanity, a simple realization that some people were not treated right.

Rachel always thought these machines were used more for destruction than to help the people or the economy of the country. She couldn’t sleep at night knowing someone she defended today may lose everything tomorrow, simply because those people showed no mercy and never backed down. This was the reason she kept going back and holding all those protests, despite knowing her fate could turn out this way, one fine day.

With her vibrant personality and an imagination to match it, she was always full of stories and ideas. It was like ideas pouring out of someone working with Fintech ltd or the like, always full of ideas as to how to invest and earn better returns for people they don’t know personally.