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Know All You Can Know: Truth in Recruiting Action Team 



ARTICLE X.  ACTION TEAMS (Adopted December 19, 2004)

 Section 1.  Rather than utilize Standing Committees, RCCVFP will function principally through Action Teams. Each team will then organize, coordinate and direct specific functions and/or specific types of tasks upon approval of the general membership.

 Section 2.  Chapter members will determine what Action Teams are to be created and also can dissolve an Action Team at any time.

 Section 3.  The Action Team will be comprised of those who have an interest in a specific event or function or those who have a special talent/skill/connection to make an event or function successful. Each team will consist of three or more members and have a single leader who will report monthly at the general membership meeting.

·        We seek a one year commitment from a student intern at Evergreen or St Martin’s.  

·        Need high school volunteers to staff film discussions, create and present interactive presentations, set up tables with factual, thoughtfully designed information.  We have the information and need you to help us get the word out.

Resources for "Know All You Can Know"

Links and .pdf Files Resources for Know All You Can Know

Local students must be fully informed before enlisting  Op Ed by Molly Gibbs The Olympian 11/12/05

International Peace Conference in London 


Non-Military Alternatives

 For high school-age: suggests ways that different careers can be used  to work for peace and social justice, briefly notes skills/education needed for each career.
Print Size: 8½ x 11 (Two-sided, Spanish and English)
 Download in English and Spanish - 48 Kb (v. 10/01) [from Project YANO]

Choosing a Career that Pays in Many Ways." Brochure for high school-age youths:discusses how to make a career  choice that is compatible with both income needs and ethical values.
Print Size: 8½ x 14 (double sided)
 Download in English - 77 Kb (v. 1/04) [from Project YANO]