I have realized that there is no software that is as legit as this one

There is something called reviewing and there is something called using and then reviewing!

Why am I trying to draw such distinctions?

The case is obvious. Today, when we are talking about internet proliferation into homes, offices, and schools to the extent that even kids as old as two or three years (even younger) are able to operate smart devices, we are still dependent on reviews of products that people post on the internet.

It kind of sounds ridiculous to me:

Why would someone post a review of a trading platform when they haven’t even used it?

It beats me that whenever I try to contact people who have made scathing comments on a software that has worked very well for me, I either get a cold shoulder or I get a message saying the person has deleted their account since. I have a strong feeling that this is done to only create a negative aura around the software so that the traders get wary of investing in these good ones and naturally will sever towards the fraud ones.

I see their plan:

And I see it working very well too. I have met at least a dozen people who think that QProfit System is a draconian platform! I was shocked. I have been using this software for almost three plus years and not even once have I encountered any kind of fraud.

Traders are made to believe that losses equal to fraud:

Now trading is by nature risky. If you expect to win all the time, it cannot be termed trading at all. So, if you are made to believe that by losing a couple of trades exceeding your profits or on a bad day losing all your money makes a software vile and scam, you need to rethink your facts again.

I have given sufficient proof on my blogs about the genuineness of this software:

If you are looking for an honest and an unbiased QProfit System review, you may well click here to go to my blog on this software. There I tell you how this software is one of the best that we have in forex and cryptocurrencies today. All the others are spawns. This is the original and the best of all forex traders. Don’t believe me, go check it out for yourself. I have attached screenshots of my winning and losing trade signals so that the review is completely unbiased.